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Suite 120
Minneapolis, MN 55421

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About Us

Business Essentials is a fresh way to approach buying the things you need to keep your organization humming. We deliver unbeatable savings to every corner of your workplace and support our thousands of customers' needs coast to coast with 35 state of the art distribution centers. We've got over 70,000 products... really, everything you need to support your office, your people, your facility and your brand.

Categories we provide:

Technology Products

Computer & Printer Supplies

Audio/Visual Products

Breakroom Supplies

Janitorial & Sanitation Products

Business Interiors

Custom Products


Mailroom & Shipping Supplies

Our mission is to be the single source procurement provider for your business.

Once you see how we work and experience our free delivery, you'll be confident you're getting a great value, you'll be done shopping around and you'll be happy you chose us.

Founded in downtown Minneapolis, in 1906, by two brothers with the last name of Bertelson, over the years we have grown, moved to new buildings, taken on additional product categories and became a regional organization. We currently have offices in Fargo and Grand Forks with our home office in Minneapolis.

Our History

Safety & Security Supplies

Office Supplies

Ergonomic Products

Office Equipment

Business Furniture

Grand Forks

610 S 19th Street Suite 4
Grand Forks, ND 58201

P: (701) 775-5503
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